A Day in the Life

Farms are the best places to see how efficiency
and passion integrate with each other, and the results do not bear any special
fruit to the farmers themselves, but to an entire nation, city, or a specific
region. Procrastination is something that won’t come into play at any given
point of time in a typical day at a farm.
So if you ever think of getting into this business, or are already set to take
up a job at a farm, then assure yourselves of these three qualities- hard work,


If you’re thinking what does an average day look
like on a farm, then the answer is pretty difficult to find, for each day could
be different, depending on the type of farm, the location, the produce/species
it deals with, the weather conditions, and a host of other factors. I have had
the privilege of visiting my grandfather’s dairy farm quite a few times and
here is how an average day looks like there. Am not generalizing any farm or
farmer, and just putting down all that I have come across on the dairy farm I
have visited.


An average day at a dairy farm would start in the
early hours, say around 4:00 am to 5:00 am. The first task is to milk the cows
in the milking shed, while examining if any cow looks sick or weak, wherein a
vet is called upon for further examination. Next, the milking shed is
thoroughly hosed and cleaned, and the cows are sent for grazing. While the cows
are grazing, the farmer or the person doing the job may or may not take some
time off for breakfast, or might take up the other chores that are to be taken
care of at the farm, such as, making hay, feeding livestock, milk quality
checks, trip to the town for buying supplies. Also, if it’s calving season,
then helping mama cow during her labor woes!

Be it any farm, farming is no joke, and according
to a study, dairy farmers need around 170 different skills to run their
business successfully. Life in the cities is complex, and what do we generally
complain of- having to work for a job where the job you do has special
mentioned KRAs and you won’t do anything else other than that. But when you
look at the life at a farm, then that realization dawns on you that this is no
cake walk! Farming is just not about milking the cows, or spraying the fields
with pesticides, for there is a slew of other mighty tasks that an average
farmer takes care of on a daily basis.


Well, it is highly recommended that you take a
trip to any farm at some point of your life, for the experience is nurturing,
educational, and of course exciting, especially if you have kids. And by the
way, some dairy farms also have their dairy processing factories on site, so do
not miss grabbing fresh ice creams, cheese, or yogurts directly from the most
authentic source. They taste heavenly!


So the next time you visit any farm, do share
your experience, for it is lovely to read and know about how a typical day at a farm looks like for city people, who have
only tasted milk packed in glossy cartons or bottles, but have never been to
the main source. Have a great day!





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